Monday, July 2, 2007

Why product release blog entries are so boring ?

Blog entries announcing a release are not really interesting, probably because there is barely more information in the entry than in the title.

Usually they yell the product name release followed by an insane amount of exclamation marks like "my wondeful product X.Y.Z release!!!!!!". Followed by an enumeration of the product features or something comparable. Some even put a list of acknowledgements!!!

Who is really interested in reading such entries ? Personally I ignore those kind of entries (unless this is a project I really care about) and don't waste my time reading them.

'Nugh said in the title anyway!!!!


Unknown said...

Err, so is this sarcasm, given your previous post, which is even worse than most product blog entries since it reads more like an oscars thank you speech?

Julien Viet said...

Yes it is sarcasm.

Beside that, posts which a title such as "Why blah blah blah" are obviously more popular than product release posts, aren't they ? usually people also comment on those kind of posts.

On the other hand we learn from you at . This was a very valuable source of information. (We were about to do the release note then wait a couple of weeks before uploading the dist.) Unfortunately your post didn't explain how to do a release note.