Monday, July 2, 2007

JBoss Portal 2.6 released!!!!!!!!

After 10 months of intense and hard work the team is very pround to release the general availability of the 2.6 version of JBoss Portal.

We want to thank the following for the help, ideas and feedback the gave us:

The Labs Team for many things. First they build such a nice infrastructure on top of JBoss Portal which give us a real show case of the product. Special thank goes to Damon Sicore (former Labs director) that chose to use JBoss Portal for building labs since 2005. The original design for the theme drag and drop was written by Tomek. The UI part of the team gave us the new Renaissance theme and improved the usability of the portal.

A few Red Hat employes: Prabhat for taking care of portal releases, Chris D. and Simon for giving a tremendous help on the documentation.

Last but not least, our community for the feedback, everyone participating in the forums and Wiki in general. Antoine Herzog for his feedback, he also built numerous customization of JBoss Portal.

You can read the list of features on the traditionnal forum announcement made for each release.

Enjoy the release and as Sacha would say: onward!!!!!

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