Thursday, May 7, 2009

JBoss Portlet Bridge CR2 is out!

This will (hopefully) be the last release before we go GA and move on to the 286 portlet 2.0 bridge.

For now, the most notable enhancements (apart from bug fixes) are the addition of the PortletScope annototation for Seam components and the revised PortalIdentity bridgelet.

We also modified the Seam booking demo to no longer use its provided User database table. The app now uses JBoss Portal Identity through PortalIdentity.

You can check out the new features in this video:

JBoss Portlet Bridge - Lesson 2: Portlet 1.0 Advanced Seam and RichFaces from Wesley Hales on Vimeo.

To show off some new features in the CR2 release, I threw together a simple chat-client and chat-room set of portlets using Richfaces poll and Seam stateful session beans.

This screencast shows how to use the new PortletScope annotation along with the revised SSO/PortalIdentity component.

Source code for this tutorial:

See the reference guide for more info:


felisberto said...

i don't understand jboss sells jboss
developer studio IDE but you just made a video using another IDE.why should we purchase jboss developer studio IDE even own jboss employees adopt another IDE?

Wesley Hales said...

I understand the whole "eat our own dogfood thing", but the IDE is not what I am teaching here and it is a personal choice and something most developers take to heart. I have never worked for a company that forces me to use an IDE and I hope I never will. I use IntelliJ IDEA for the *incredible* UI support and I am generally more productive with it from using it way before I came to work here at JBoss. My personal choices on IDE are not a reflection of what you should or shouldn't use/buy.

Now, I should probably go download and try JBDS to see it's latest features, but then I wouldn't have time to make crazy-cool videos like this ;)

Brian said...

I found the PortalIdentity class was changed. When I used CR1, I was able to propagate user role from MS active directory to portlet. But it does not work any more with CR2. I am using jboss portal 2.7.2 and seam 2.1.1 - 2.2.0.CR1 (I tested all versions). Is there any work around?

Chris said...

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