Friday, June 5, 2009

New JBoss Portal and SSO framework integration guide

JBoss Portal supports integration with various well known SSO frameworks such as CAS, JOSSO and OpenSSO. Basic integration with CAS and JOSSO frameworks is described in Portal reference guide but if you are interested in more advanced configurations, you can look at our new SSO Frameworks Integration Guide.

This guide covers step by step instructions of JBoss Portal and SSO frameworks integration in various setups that are commonly found in software enterprises. Maybe you can find an answer for some of questions that have been plaguing you.

The guide covers these integration scenarios:

  • Integration of JBoss Portal and SSO server on same host (HTTP protocol is used).
  • Integration of JBoss Portal and SSO server on same host. Secure communication is used between JBoss Portal agent and SSO framework (HTTPS protocol is used).
  • Integration of SSO server and more JBoss Portal instances deployed on multiple hosts
  • Integration of JBoss Portal, SSO server and sample thirdparty web application.
  • Integration of JBoss Portal and SSO server deployed on different hosts. SSO server is configured for authentication against portal database.

Since we are focussed on delivering a high quality portal server, we always try to integrate various scenarios in our automated test suite. We currently have automated most of the scenarios mentioned above using Selenium and Hudson and you can see the test results at Please let us know if your setup does not belong to one of these and we will try to include that as well.

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