Thursday, April 2, 2009

JBoss Portlet Bridge CR1 Released!

We have released CR1 for the JBoss Portlet Bridge. Thanks to all who submitted fixes and enhancements. I also created the first of (hopefully) many screen casts that will guide you on how to use and develop with the JBoss Portlet Bridge.

In this release:

  • The RichFaces file upload rich:fileUpload component is working. The component currently only works with the param createTempFiles set to false in your web.xml. Also, you must check for the response type is of type RenderResponse. See the paint() method for an example.

  • The PortalIdentity bridgelet which provides SSO between your Seam portlet and JBoss Portal is now working with the current Seam 2.1.x Identity model. See here for details.

  • The PortalResourceBuilder bridgelet received a noteworthy upgrade and now works (should work) in all browsers. This component is for portal pages that contain 2 or more RichFaces components in seperate portlet windows. It namespaces the auto generated RF javascript and loads it only once for each component.

  • Better docs, scalability upgrades, markup validation fix, and many other bug fixes went into this release. See the release notes for more info.

Screen Cast

Lesson 1: Getting Started With the JBoss Portlet Bridge. Explains how to use the bridge's provided Maven archetypes to do rapid development. Also shows how to get started with a clean install and only requires that Maven 2.0.9+ be installed on your machine.


Sean Wu said...

Will JBoss Portlet Bridge support PHP application? Fox example, I want to integraet Moodle(one of famous e-learning systems written in PHP) to my JBoss portal.

Mahesh Lavannis said...

I can't get the rich:fileupload to work in my portlet. Settin createTempFiles to false has not helped either. I get no exceptions, just the following on console repeatedly:
INFO: Process resource request for portlet seamCookingPortlet
15:38:04,072 ERROR [STDERR] Oct 17, 2009 3:38:04 PM javax.portlet.faces.GenericFacesPortlet serveResource

Can someone please help? Is there a [portlet-centric demo of a file upload ?


Mahesh Lavannis said...

FYI - I tried running the richfaces-demo app shipped with portletbridge. That didnt work either. I am using 2.0.0.A