Thursday, February 14, 2008

JBoss Portlet Bridge 1.0.0 Beta Released!

Thanks to the collaboration of the JBoss RichFaces, Seam and Portal teams, we are happy to announce an initial beta release of JBoss Portlet Bridge.
The JBoss Portlet Bridge is an implementation of the JSR-301 specification to support JSF within a portlet and with added enhancements to support other web frameworks. Currently the bridge supports any combination of JSF, Seam, and RichFaces to run inside a portlet.

The following is supported with JBoss Portlet Bridge 1.0.0.B1 Download
  • You can download the portlet bridge binaries here, which contain the required jars along with a deployable EAR file. The EAR is the Seam Booking Demo which uses both RichFaces and Seam.


  • copy the ear file from example/seamEar.ear to JBoss_Home/server/default/deploy and start the server.

Test Drive

  • You should see a SeamBooking tab with the official JBoss Seam Booking Demo.
Setup and Configuration
  • Check out the configuration examples here.
Live Demo
  • The Seam Booking and RichFaces component demos can be viewed here.
All information to get up and running with configuration options for any combination of the frameworks mentioned above can be found on the wiki.

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Mandolyte said...

We have found that file upload/download with JSF is pretty tricky. We still don't have download working in a general fashion. Is there a current approach to this problem for JSF in a portlet? Will the brige make it easier to solve, how? Any pointers appreciated.