Friday, February 15, 2008

JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 Beta 1 release!

I gave my talk this morning at JBoss World about the new features of the Portlet 2.0 specification. It was also the occasion to present a new product called "JBoss Portlet Container" and I must tell you that I am very proud of this new product.

First of all, this is our implementation of the Portlet 2.0 standard. As I said in my talk, it's 97% feature implemented but 100% useful feature implemented :-) . The remaining features will follow soon (actually only CC/PP that I did not add because I need to check the licensing issues and also try to provide a lightweight CC/PP impl).

 It is also our first product release that is not dependant on JBoss Application Server. This first release deploys in Tomcat 6 and  JBoss Application Server 4.2 and we are looking forward to support more container in the future (btw if you are interested by adding support of a container, just drop me a line).

 It comes bundled with a lightweight portal based on JSP tags. The goal of that portal is to provide to developers an easy way to demonstrate and test their portlet applications. It should combine well with other JSP taglibs and templating frameworks.

 Finally, I want to personally thank all the persons involved in that effort (Chris, Wesley and Bolek) and need to tell you that this product release would not have been done without their dedication.


Craig D said...

Hey Julien! When are going to add portlet managed modes from JSR-286? I need some code to steal for Pluto ;).

Julien Viet said...

Hey Craig you are welcome to contribute that feature :-)

steff said...

Hi Julien,
I tried some jsr 168 portlets. I got problems with pluto taglibrary. Formerly jboss portal handles this automatically. It was no problem to add ..taglib prefix="portlet" uri="".. . Now it seems to be different?!
But I like the independency of this version :).

ravidhar said...

Does this support Spring webflow ? I have been trying to implement JSF+ spring webflow on jboss portal and no luck so far.

Thank you,