Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am the *real* Roy Russo

I was pointed out a post by James Governor that spreads FUD about the fact that JBoss developers that left JBoss a few months ago hurts the company.

Usually I don't comment much such articles, but this one gives wrong facts (among the FUD) about my project. I will not tell you much about the impact on the company of the departure of Tom and Roy, however I can certainly tell you about the role that Roy played when he was considered as a developer of the portal project.

Roy Russo is a former JBoss developer that left the company to found his own company (these days everyone wants to be founder of a company, whatever the company is ...). I think he is trying to give himself more importance than what he used to have for the JBoss Portal project. If you look at his bio you will read "he led the successful incubation and launch of an enterprise portal product" which says which is a very smart way to say "I was here"++.

I read that a long time ago but did not give a really shit. However James extrapolated this information a bit too excessively.

I am the founder and lead of the JBoss Portal project, well actually I naturally *own* the project, this project is my house. That means that Roy could be at most co founder of the project (since there can be several founders but one lead) and obviously he never led the project.

So I am okay to recognize that Roy co founded the project since he was there since the beginning of the project. I recognize also that Roy played a key role when our management decided to *acquire* other open source portal projects and I think that if the project still exists it is due for a large part to him.

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James said...

Thanks for your clarification Julien. I followed up on my blog.