Friday, December 14, 2007

JBoss Portal 2.6.3 released

Two months have passed since the last release, this release focuses on several improvements and Netvibes widget support.
You will notice in this new release the following:

- Support for UWA Netvibes widgets
- Better support of localized pages
- Support for localized portlet instances
- Option to add icons to your portlet definitions
- Ability to start a portlet in the window state and portlet mode you want (For example maximized)
- ...

The full release note is available here.

Note that JDK 5 and JBoss 4.2 are now mandatory as announced previously.

You will find the download link at the usual place, and again, we hope to hear from you in the forums.

The demo website has also been updated to 2.6.3.


Luc Boudreau said...

Well done guys. Say, on which branch are you guys focussing the effort right now ? 2.6 or 2.8 ?

Julien Viet said...


Luc Boudreau said...

I'm asking cause I'm maintaining the french translation of the portal. Which branches should I keep an eye on ?

Thomas Heute said...

Branch_2_6 for translations.
(trunk just point to Branch_2_6 at the moment until we start using the new modules (like the presentation framework)).

The work on 2.8 is being done in the modules which don't have any UI (and don't need any translation)

magomarcelo said...

I see some maven metadata about a 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT version in portal-common-lib.jar and portal-common-portal-lib.jar, was this intended or should I open an issue?

Thomas Heute said...

Not intended, but we cannot change the released version. You can read 1.1.0

It should not happen in 2.6.4.