Monday, July 20, 2009

JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.0 Alpha Released!

I am extremely happy to announce the first Alpha implementation of the JSR-329 early public draft(2) specification. This is cutting edge code and will definitely change to match future revisions of the spec. If you are willing to live on the edge and help us chase down bugs and report them (hopefully with a patch), then please read on ;)
Although in a alpha release, this latest version is fully compatible with the portlet 2.0 environment and allows you to also run the latest versions of Seam and Richfaces in a portlet.
For starters, I put together a screen cast which shows how to produce a portlet event in a JSF(Seam) backing bean and how to consume it in another Seam portlet.

JBoss Portlet Bridge - Lesson 3: Seam and Portlet 2.0 Eventing from Wesley Hales

For a full description of what’s new in this version, mandatory configuration parameters, and instructions on using portlet 2.0 coordination features, see the Reference Guide.

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