Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New JBoss Portal identity API proposal

There is a work in progress on the next gen identity API for JBoss Portal. At the current stage it is finally ready for public review. With wiki documentation and sample maven project it should be extremely easy to try it out and play a bit with the proposed API. If you are interested check this post in the Design of JBoss Portal forum to learn more.

New design introduces few powerfull concepts
  • API/SPI separation that should enable easier adoption of different identity managers or identity stores in the future.
  • Notion of Identities and Groups (organizations) with flexible relationships between them
  • Concept of a Role that is a typed connection between Identity and Group object. This enables to map sentence like "John is the Manager of XX Team" to "John (Identity) is the Manager (RoleType) of XX Team (Group)"
  • Abstract attributes and credentials
Please read the Design and Architecture wiki to learn more about all the concepts.

We are awaiting your feedback!

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Sean said...

You know, I'm glad I ran into this 'blog entry. I'd been under the impression as if the IDM design documented in that link was already in effect. It will affect some design proposals, if it is not. I'm glad I haven't gone very far with those proposals, as yet. Here's to the new design, assuming it makes it from proposal, into implementation.