Thursday, January 22, 2009

JBoss Portlet Bridge Beta 6 Released!

Only a month after beta 5, we are releasing beta 6 with some nice enhancements and bug fixes. I'm pretty sure this will be the last beta release for the 1.0 version. As most of you know, the JBoss Portlet Bridge is a little different than most implementations. We are integrating Seam and RichFaces, so even though the JSF part of the bridge may be running at a GA level (and the spec being final), the RichFaces and Seam integration still has some work left to be done and that may be at a candidate or beta level. As always, let us know what you think and join us on the forums.
Along with the small fixes, here is what's new:

  • RichFaces dependencies are no more for a normal JSF portlet. Previously you needed the RichFaces jars on your classpath to use the bridge. This was mostly due to early development integration of ajax in the 301 bridge which needed to be refactored.

  • I created a new Bridgelet called PortalResourceBuilder. RichFaces does not account for multiple components on the same portal page by default. This Bridgelet renders all RichFaces component javascript to be portal friendly. It basically replaces the RichFaces script renderer and encloses the dynamically generated javascript. Just include this jar on your classpath or add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


  • There is now an automatic propagation of Locales. Any <supported-locales/> defined in portlet.xml will be automatically added to your JSF application running inside the portlet. Currently this is only available for JBoss Portal in the 1.0 bridge due to getSupportedLocales() not being in the spec. This should be fully available to all portlet containers in the 2.0 bridge.

  • View the reference guide for more information.


    nicolai said...

    Hi, any thoughts on Liferay 5.2 and PortletBridge?

    Been trying to get LR 5.2, Seam 2.1.1 to play together using PortletBridge, but does not work very well at this time.

    Sverker said...

    I haven't tried with 5.2 yet but I think this issue is still valid:

    A patch for this issue on the 5.2.x branch will be posted soon.

    nicolai said...

    5.2.x patch on 5.2.2, but didn't work on that. Seems to be for 5.2.1?