Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa is bringing you a shiny new JBoss Portlet Bridge!

That's right folks. Just when you thought this time of year couldn't get any better. We just released JBoss Portlet Bridge Beta 5, and here are all the new bells and whistles.

  • Portlet Mode Navigation - In short, this means you can now change to "edit" or "help" modes and navigate to different pages. Once you exit the current mode, you will be returned to the normal flow that you left. Seam conversations are also supported in each mode.

  • In the latest RichFaces 3.3.0.BETA4 (which is the supported version for this bridge release) there are code enhancements to make RF javascript work better in the portal environment. Namely, you can now have multiple rich:tabPanels in different portlets on the same page.

  • General Error Handling - The ViewExpiredException on session timeout has been plaguing many users. We finally have a way to handle any exception using the stanard web.xml config. See details here.

  • If you are converting a non-Facelets JSP only application to a portlet, we now have an example project using the original Sun JSF Car Demo project. Get it here.

  • We were able to get the JSF Car Demo application running in Liferay (Thanks to Alex Smirnov). You can download the source here.

  • And last but not least. We have taken extra care to get all the major jira and forum requests into this release. So if you have been posting bugs or submitting patches, we greatly appreciate it! And for those waiting on the Richfaces file upload component, it should be working with the next Richfaces 3.3.0.GA release.

As always, you can find supported versions, documentation, and downloads on the project page.

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Sateesh said...


Is there a way to convert a Spring MVC Application into Portlet Application with out changing much of the code in the already developed Spring MVC App..

Is there a Bridge which helps in converting the Non portlet Spring MVC apps to convert to Portlets??