Friday, November 28, 2008

Devoxx, here i come

I will be presenting at Devoxx in Antwerp Belgium on December 9th.
The subject of the 30 minutes talk is "JSF, Ajax, and Seam portlet development with the JBoss Portlet Bridge".

You can find out more here about this talk.

If you are around (in or out the conference) and want to chat let me know. I will also probably spend some time on the booth, since I've heard about several good things about it ;) (Those who were at Javapolis last year will know what I'm talking about)


Ales Justin said...

>> Thomas Heute is the project leader at for Seam

Didn't know you were still Seam leader. :-)

Hashim said...

Till Devoxx; Could you provide a working sample for a JSF portlet with IPC or eventing feature?

Thomas Heute said...

@Ales, yes the bio is outdated :-/

@Hashim, event support of JSR-286 is not yet part of the JSR-301 event though they are working on it.

Sanne Grinovero said...

Cool! The subject of your talk is very interesting, I'm definitely coming there.

Andy said...

Sounds very interesting - excited to see the slides. Would be more excited to see something similar on the east coast USA.

Thomas Heute said...

@Sanne, see you there !

@Andy, I would love to come back to DC area, I just need a good excuse ;) Any worthy conference soon ?
Otherwise it's not really east coast but next JBoss World will be in Chicago iirc it's 'only' a 10 hours drive from MD

Christophe Laprun said...

10 hours? Depends on who's driving! :)

Wim said...

As a Seam beginner, the talk will surely be interesting for me!

Wim (Java blogger)