Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Using Ajax Component Libraries in JBoss Portal

Since my presentation and uploading the demo videos to YouTube, I decided to share them on this blog for those of you interested. I spoke with Ted Goddard from IceFaces while at the conference and he and I will be working together in the coming months to support IceFaces in the JBoss Portlet Bridge.

This video shows a basic example of raw 286 ajax. This is available in the samples module here.

The IceFaces library is a extremely easy to get up and running via the provided demo project. However, each component is in its own portlet. So you will need to login to the admin console and create the instance you want to view.

Here we see the RichFaces component library in action in a portlet. All you need to do is checkout the project here, build and copy to the deploy directory.

Finally, this is just a quick start demo showing how it only takes a couple of Maven commands to get up and running with a full JBoss App Server+JBoss Portal+RichFaces install. You can view all the articles here.


Tim said...

Hi, i can't find any "basic example of raw 286 ajax"
Can u give me this example? Realy needed )

Wesley Hales said...

Code is here:

and the markup is at:

Tim said...

Thank you.

Tim said...

Awesome. It's working. Thanks again.