Thursday, October 30, 2008

JBoss Portal 2.7.0 GA is out

JBoss Portal 2.7.0 Final is out for community usage !

Take it, use it, break it, and please report any issue in the forum.

JBoss Portal 2.7 supports Portlet 2.0 features. As explained in a previous blog entry, implicit and explicit coordination are available plus page parameters which are very useful to pass a parameter to several portlets through the URL.

We've made efforts to not only support Portlet 2.0 features but make a good use of some of the available features to communicate between Portlets and the portal (For example if a portlet requires to sign-off the portal, it can do so by triggering a Portlet 2.0 event). We've also enhanced the administration portlet to support those new features.

The documentation has also been updated and for users willing to use the greatest and shiniest features, the specification is a great source of information.

Again, please take it, use it, break it, and please report any issue in the forum.

Disclaimer: This is not a release on which Red Hat provides professional support. If you are looking for a supported version of the Enterprise Portal Platform, please see the Customer Support Portal. The Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 4.3) with JSR-286 features will be released in a couple of months.

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