Thursday, April 10, 2008

JBoss Portlet Bridge Beta2 Released

  • JBoss Portal 2.6.4
  • Seam 2.0.2.CR1
  • RichFaces 3.2.0.GA (with exception of upload component)
  • JSF 1.2
This release of the bridge has quite a few bug fixes and enhancements:
  • Portlet EL Variable support
  • New SeamIdentity Bridge Extension: instant SSO between your Seam application and your JBoss Portal server by a simple dependency in your pom
  • RichFaces Maven Archetype
  • Removal of PortalStateManager configuration
  • More documentation

EL Variable Support

portletConfig: object of type javax.portlet.PortletConfig

sessionPortletScope: mutable Map containing PortletSession attribute/values at PORTLET_SCOPE.

sessionApplicationScope: mutable Map containing PortletSession attribute/values at APPLICATION_SCOPE.

portletPreferenceValue: immutable Map containing the set of portlet preferences where the key is the name of the preference and the value is the first portlet preference value from the (potential) set of values.

portletPreferenceValues: immutable Map containing the set portlet preferences where the key is the name of the preference and the values are the set of this portlet preference's values.

SeamIdentity Bridge ExtensionJust add the following dependency to your JBoss Seam (Maven) project for SSO between JBoss Portal and Seam applications.
RichFaces Maven Archetype
This is the new Beta2 release of the RichFaces archetype - only a few settings are different from the previous snapshot release.
mvn archetype:create

Removal of PortalStateManager configuration
The following is no longer needed in the faces-config.xml
Visit the Portlet Bridge project page for more details.


Sébastien said...

Does it work with IceFaces ?


Wesley Hales said...

We have not tried IceFaces with the bridge (yet) ;)

Sébastien Boutté said...

I've tried to launch richfaces archetype but it seems to have not been published on
Is there something i do wrong ?

Sébastien Boutté said...

You have to use :

instead of

ramzy1980 said...


i am using Richfaces with the Portletbridge. It works fine. But if i use switchType Ajax the Rendered urls for example the tabPanel reloads the hole page to a bad request and not to the other tab in the Portlet.

With the other ui types it is the same.

switchType="ajax" = bad request

dim5b said...

so does it work with icefaces

bloodmoon said...

How can I get portlet preference values from richfaces portlet?