Friday, April 18, 2008

JBoss Portal Face To Face Meeting #1

In May (13-15) the JBoss Portal team will be gathered for its first face to face meeting. I need to tell that I am very excited about it!

The team will be gathered for one week in Corsica where I grew up when I was a teenage and where my parent still live.

I managed to find a unique place on the island (note to my manager: that fits in the meeting budget of course) that will offer us an ideal place for our brainstorming sessions. I was in Corsica last week and I visited it and I must admit I was very impressed. The landlady is going to lend us the main room for our meetings and there is obviously WIFI access for the geeks we are.

The meeting occurs at the right moment as we have started to transition from JBoss Portal 2.6 to JBoss Portal 3.0: last year we started the modularization of the project that gave us the great JBoss Portlet Container product and the new Presentation Framework project and we are on the path to bring those new technologies in our main stream product JBoss Portal 2.7 and 2.8. The meeting will be a good occasion for me to share my view with the whole team and also to discuss about various topics such as security, identity and social aspects of portals, the JBoss Portlet Bridge project.

 welcome to Corsica!


Heiko W. Rupp said...

I am already jealous ;-)
Have fun.

Julien Viet said...

vote for doing the next JBoss World in Corsica :-)