Saturday, February 9, 2008

JBoss Portal 2.6.4 released

The latest 2.6.x is out with few bug fixes and portlet administration improvements such as the ability to define multiple localized names for a portlet instance.

The full release note is available here.

Important notice: For those of you who were using WSRP a small database schema change has been made. It was unfortunately required to fix a bug for some users.
So if you were using WSRP you will need to alter the table JBP_REG_PROP_DESC_USAGES to rename the column "USAGE" to "DESC_USAGE". Sorry about this.

You will find the download link at the usual place, and again, we hope to hear from you in the forums.

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Amol Desai said...

Hi Thomas,

First of all, "congrats" on the release of 2.6.4. I'm a WebSphere Portal Architect and recently happened to engage in an assignment which is going to require JBoss Portal implementation. We're definitely going to consider 2.6.4 for the implementation. While, I get myself familiar with the JBoss community to get my hands around the information and artifacts that are already available, would like to shoot few basic questions on 2.6.4.
1. Can I implement JSF and AJAX with base 2.6.4?
2. Are there any caching interfaces that can be leveraged programatically?
3. Are there any security interfaces available?
4. Does Portal container provide any out-of-the-box services? (caching, security etc)What are they?
5. Your thoughts on using/downloading JBoss as Bundle versus Binary download - your recommendations, advantages, disadvantages?

Note: For the POC, I'm planning to use MySQL.

Thanks and best regards,
-Amol Desai