Monday, October 26, 2009

JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.0 Beta and GateIn

Just on the heels of the GateIn Beta2 release comes a double whammy from the JBoss Portlet Bridge project. We are releasing 2 new versions of both the 1.0 and 2.0 bridge. Now, just to clear up any confusion, the 2.0 bridge does not cover the JSF 2.0 spec. We are still in JSF 1.2 land in the portal environment. However, running 2.0 in a portlet is not far away and it should be coming to fruition just as JSF 2.0 technology starts to gain more ground in enterprise development.

First off, I want to thank the community for providing many patches and suggestions to improve the bridge.

I am also extremely happy to announce that the JBoss Portlet Bridge 2.0.0.BETA is now fully integrated with GateIn. All archetypes and examples run by default on GateIn. If you are still running on JBoss Portal, you must build the example apps or archetype based apps with the '-Pjbossportal' profile (i.e. mvn install -Pjbossportal).

New features with the new 2.0.0.BETA release are:
  • Improved ajax processing (faster load times)
  • PRP - Public render parameter processing in the bridge
  • Seam exception handling in pages.xml
  • better error handling for JSF and Richfaces portlets (this includes ViewExpiredException)
  • Also fixed some bugs in archetypes to work fully with JBoss Tools (as seen in the video)

  • PortalIdentity is now built in Seam component
    <security:portal-identity method="#{authenticator.authenticate}"></security:portal-identity>

  • Script Renderer can be enabled by intit parameter in web.xml:

This video shows how to deploy a Seam portlet using JBoss Tools to the all new GateIn portal. I also show need-to-know tips for migrating from the 1.0 bridge to 2.0.

JBoss Portlet Bridge Episode 4: Running 2.0 on GateIn from Wesley Hales on Vimeo.


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