Friday, March 6, 2009

Forums and Wiki projects

The original authors of JBoss Forums and JBoss Wiki (respectively led by Ryszard Kozmik and Tomek Szymanski) having retired from those projects (Ryszard being Content Management lead at and Tomek leaving Red Hat). The two projects have stalled for some time now.

Luckily we got not one not one and a half but two motivated contributors from Italy to come help maintain and enhance those projects.

Not everything is sorted out yet (the projects page are not updated and the Jira neither) but at least we have code and binaries to play with in JBoss Portal 2.6 or JBoss Portal 2.7.

Piergiorgio Lucidi (Maven addict) moved JBoss Wiki to a Maven 2 build system and added support for JBoss Portal 2.7. Sources are available here and compiled binaries on PortletSwap.

Luca Stancapiano (you may remember his contributions such as the admin portlet internationalization and Italian localization) worked on JBoss Portal 2.7 support for the Wiki portlet. Sources are available here and binaries also on PortletSwap.

So many thanks to Piergiorgio and Luca and I'm sure they would welcome more help on those projects :)


Piergiorgio Lucidi said...

Thanks to you, Thomas, for welcoming me!
It's a honor for me to be joined in JBoss ;)

Thank you again.

luca said...

Idem for me.....thanks Thomas

David said...

I just want to say thanks to you and leave a couple of points I found for people facing same problems:

portlet-api should be version 2.0 instead of 1.0 in order to compile wiki-common due to usage of javax.portlet.filter.PortletRequestWrapper

I also found dependency: groupId jboss artifactId jboss-ejb3 not needed/usable (using jboss-ejb3x) if you use the sugested script to upload dependencias to your local repository.

Maybe those are my fault. Please let me know..

Piergiorgio Lucidi said...

Hi David,

during these days I have committed in the main trunk these updates on JBoss Wiki:

- the most of Maven dependencies are taken from JBoss public repository (only two doesn't exist there)

- now upload feature works correctly

As soon as I'll update all the documentation on the official wiki.