Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Release of JBoss Portal 2.7.1

We have just released JBoss Portal 2.7.1 which is a maintenance release for the 2.7 series that support JSR-286 portlets. The detailed release notes can be found here.

Special thanks to Dan Krieger for his help, Andy Pemberton for his article and recent help in the forum and the Japanese team for the translation contribution !

You can download it from here:

For issues, please use the forum here.

- Will only work with JBoss AS 4.2 or JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (4.3) (don't try on JBoss 5)
- For JDK 6 support, you will need to install the portal binary on top of the JDK 6 flavor of JBoss AS which can be obtained here.
- If you want to start JBoss Portal while being offline or behind a proxy, please see:

After the arrival of Adam Wesley on November 11th, we welcome Agatka Dawidowicz as team member's baby. We hope they will contribute to the project in a couple of years !


Francesco Marchioni said...

Hi !
Thanks for your useful blog.
We're going to switch to JBoss AS 5.0. Do you have any news about JBoss Portal on JBoss 5.0 ? I mean is there any due date for releasing it ? thanks alot

param said...


I am a newbie in Portals. Can you please suggest whether I should download JBoss Portal 2.7 or the 4.3 Evaluation version if i want to start working. What is the difference between them as both suggest that they are JSR 286 compliant?

Thomas Heute said...

Enterprise Portal Platform is what you can buy a support contract for.

JBoss Portal is an unsupported project.

The platform is more conservative, each evolution (we are releasing the first Cumulative patch) is only a set of bug fixes, no new features (we just introduced portuguese brazilian support as it doesn't have side effects). It's the safest approach and guarantees that the product is stable with no API change and no new bugs are introduced (unless brought by a bug fix...).
Also for each EPP release the QA process is much more intensive than on the project. Also it comes as a package with versions of components that fit together (AS, Seam, Portal, PortletBridge,...)