Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JBoss Portal's code swarm

Looks like Emanuel got a littler bored tonight (European timezone) and made us the code swarm video of JBoss Portal commits.

Code swarm for those who don't know basically show the commits as time goes (you can read the date at the bottom right of the video). You'll see the usernames of commiters as they joined. Blue text are java commits, yellow for XML commits and red for XHTML (Barely saw any red).

This is totally useless but still fun. Consider contributing to be part of next code swarm video :)

Thank you Mucki !


Ales Justin said...

Where's my commit? :-)

Thomas Heute said...

In black :)

blurec said...

i like the way Prabhat shines :) and i hope to find a way how to solve my outsider position :)