Tuesday, July 8, 2008

JBoss Portal 2.7 Alpha released

We have just released the alpha version of the upcoming of JBoss Portal 2.7 release that brings the Portlet 2.0 features to our mainstream product JBoss Portal.

The JBoss Portlet Container technology is included in this release and provides an out of the box support for the JSR 286 features such as:
  • Portlet eventing
  • Public pararemers
  • Resource serving
  • Portlet filters
Our admin  tool has been upgraded as well to support JSR 286.

Enjoy the release, you can get the files from the download page as usual!


Thomas Heute said...

If you want to migrate portlets from 2.6 that were using specific features you might be interested by this wiki article !

And thanks to everyone who helped on this release !

JeanV said...

This is great news. Congrats. When do you expect the final release?

Luc Boudreau said...