Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JBoss Portal @ Rotterdam JBug

The Rotterdam JBug is happening June 20th, Thomas and myself will be there to talk about Portlet 2.0 and the upcoming JBoss Portal 2.7 release. We'll give also a quick overview of the future releases.

The Benelux JBoss User Group is organizing an event on Friday June 20th 2008. There will be plenty of presentations:
  • JBoss Portal - Julien Viet and Thomas Heute - JBoss
  • Hibernate Search - Emmanuel Bernard - JBoss
  • Woman in IT - (special guest presentation) Clara Ko and Linda van der Pal - jduchess.org
  • JBoss Drools - Kris Verlaenen - JBoss
Here is more information, it's free of course but you need to register.

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