Thursday, March 6, 2008

JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 Candidate Release 1

I just released the first candidate release of our portlet container product with a few additional features since the beta:
  • documentation : a product would not be a product without a documentation. The documentation has improved since the beta and now we have a complete section on the portal taglib and much more.
  • optimized event payload marshalling : when an event with an object payload is fired from application A to application B, the event will be unmarshalled/marshalled between the 2 applications classloaders (otherwise it would result in a class cast exception) unless the event class is shared at the server level (optimization).
  • life cycle dependencies between portlet filter and portlet container : if a portlet filter fails and is stopped then all the portlet container dependent on that filter will also be stopped (otherwise it would result obviously in an incorrect application).
  • administration application which provides an overview of the deployed applications / portlets / filters and management of their life cycle. So it is possible to restart a failed filter or portlet, or stop them when necessary.
  • event flood detection : in order to prevent event flood situations
The next release candidate release will probably be done once the public final draft of the spec is available on the JCP site and it should be a certified release.

We should add an event debugger that would help portlet developers to get the reporting of the event phase for debugging purpose. What a great addition to the product!

We'll blog soon about the integration roadmap of the portlet container product in our next release of the mainstream branch: JBoss Portal 2.7!!!!

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_rogerio_ said...

Very exciting news!