Friday, March 28, 2008

JBoss Portal 2.7 status

I want to give our community an overview of the JBoss Portal 2.7 development status.

The good news is that the JBoss Portal 2.7 branch reached what I call the Milestone 1 which consist in the integration of the JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 with the same level of functionality than the current 2.6 product. Thomas and Chris were the main drivers in that effort and did a very good job.

We are heading now toward the Milestone 2 with the following simple goals:

Integrate the controller module of the JBoss Portlet Container: it allows to perform complex event interactions between portlets. Actually this is the integration point that the JBoss Portlet Container provides to the portal in order to integrate its event routing and transforming logic. There is a very simple implementation in the JBoss Portlet Container simple portal that uses a matching event routing algorithm, simple yet sufficient for the simple portal, right?

Provide JSR 286 Portlet runtime meta data overview through the administration portlet. The administrator is able to know about the coordination capabilities offered by a portlet such as the event it produces and the event it consumes. 

I will talk briefly about the Milestone 3 and will probably give more update about it when Milestone 2 will be reached:
  • Define the coordination feature support, the event routing models and the portlet parameter sharing model
  • Support for new JSR 286 state in portal URLs, mostly about support of public navigational state changes in the URLs
  • Resource serving support
That's it for now, the entire team is focusing on reaching Milestone 2 very soon!!!!

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lolo said...

Thanks for the great job. JSR286 provides exactly what I need and could not find with 2.6.4, especially ResourceServing and public access to navigational change.
I 'd love to get some visibility for a stable beta with core features built-in, any target ?