Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Would Eclipse do that ?

I am a big fan of Intellij Idea.

I am using it since version 1.5 back in 2000. At this time I was using JBuilder Community Edition which was a decent IDE (compared to Notepad). When I tried Intellij the switch was obvious and I did it. At this time it was already offering to do a lot of refactorings when other IDE had no a clue of what a refactoring was.

Since then I never used anything else. I am glad that Jetbrains provides to the JBoss Portal project licenses for this great tool (as they do for a lot of other open source projects) and would like to thank them for supporting us.

Anyway, today I refactored a class name from PortalNavigationalState to PageNavigationalState. I had a few other classes that were using that class as a member called portalNS.

When I asked Idea to make the refactoring it asked me if I would like to rename the fields portalNS to pageNS. I don't know how they manage to do that (and I don't care), what matters is that I accepted it.

Would other IDE (like Eclipse) do that ?


Max said...

Yes it would.

It is the option "Update similary named variables and methods" when doing renames in Java.

Not sure it would find that exact match but it definitly has something similar.

EtuO said...

which ide can develop jboss portal or portlet ?