Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meet JBoss Portal developers at Javapolis

Julien Viet and I will be at Javapolis '07 in Belgium. We have no formal talks planned, we just go for fun. If you happen to be there and want to discuss, share ideas or simply offer us a drink, please come see us or ask for us at the JBoss booth , you can also recognize us because we will be wearing specially made JBoss Portal t-shirts!

We are eager to hear and discuss about how you use JBoss Portal, what major issues you faced, what could be improved in your opinion or let us explain you about the product or anything related (good or bad) and even unrelated. We will also accept Christmas gifts, or any other kind of gift.

If you happen to live in Belgium but have no access to Javapolis we can also meet outside. You can contact me at thomas.heute@jboss.com.

(PS: We'll also be at JBoss World in Orlando in February, but i will come back in more details about this)

See you there !

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