Tuesday, August 28, 2007

User portlet UI improvements

Beside many other improvements in JBoss Portal 2.6.2 there will be also improvements for the user and role management UI. The most noticeable change is that we are going to provide two Portlets - one for actions related to the end user and one for administration of users and roles. That means we splitted the functionalities of the User Portlet and combined the user management functionalities with role managment in a new portlet, which will increase the easy of use and reusability.

The following list is a rough overview of further improvements

Lost password
If you forget your password it is now possible to retrieve a new password by email

Captcha support
We added JCaptcha to validate the registration process.

jBPM integration
The subscription of users can be bound to a jBPM workflow to validate the email and approve the registration by the admin. Out of the box we provide some common subscription modes:
  • automatic subscription (no jBPM)
  • validate email
  • validate email and approve by admin
Pending registrations can be approved or rejected within the User management portlet. Furthermore - using jBPM enables you to extend the workflow or define custom actions.

Last but not least - the new User Portlet is based on metadata exposed by the identity services in order to provide more flexible customizations.

Work in progress so stay tuned..


JeanV said...

This is great. Are they any tutorials on how to use JBPM with JBoss Portal to customize certain activities?

Emanuel Muckenhuber said...

Documentation and examples for customizing the User Portlet will be included in the refernce guide of JBoss Portal 2.6.2.