Friday, August 3, 2007

Sun Directory Server in JBoss Portal QA

We are in the middle of the summer but lots of things are happening in the project. After a recent 2.6.1 release the whole team is working towards delivering an even more robust and improved 2.6.2.

Since yesterday JBoss Portal 2.6 daily testsuite is running against additional LDAP server instance- Sun Directory Server 6.1. It will be officially supported in the next release. This is part our plan to support all major LDAP servers and SSO solutions on the market.

Stay tuned!


GenTeal said...

Why waste your time SDS when there is a large Active Directory crowd needing support.

Boleslaw Dawidowicz said...

It is proved by our community that portal works with MSAD ( MSAD will be part of our testsuite. Like I said we target all the major LDAP servers on the market.