Friday, June 22, 2007

JSF is great but...

that kind of code does not help to find out why the value was wrong. It is part of the class org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.RendererUtils (1.1.1)

public static Boolean getBooleanValue(UIComponent component)
Object value = getObjectValue(component);
if (value==null || value instanceof Boolean)
return (Boolean) value;
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Expected submitted value of type Boolean for Component : "+

It's so trivial that I will not submit a patch (perhaps it is already improved now).

It's an half rant, Thomas will do a full JSF rant next week when he will tell you how trivial it is to make a JSF application executed in a portlet container and a target environment that is MyFaces or Sun RI (or why we had to develop the JSFMetaBridge).

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שימי said...

Is it possiable to work with 2.6 partial refresh and known jsf libraries like tomohowk, richface, icefaces or others? tried it in could not do anything (tried paged data table and others). What abou the other post, could not find it. Can you post your way of working with jsf and jsf libraries?