Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LDAP support in JBoss Portal 2.6

One of the features coming with the 2.6 release is LDAP support. Because JBoss Portal leverages JAAS, it was always possible to extend it with custom authentication methods using pluggable login modules. This time we give you ready to use implementations of portal identity services that work with LDAP. The architecture is simple and powerful enabling very flexible integration with your enterprise directories:

  • Profile mapping - You can decide whether to store the user profile in DB or LDAP. Mapping user attributes and LDAP entries is of course fully configurable and you can even decide to use a mixed strategy that will store data both in DB and LDAP.
  • Membership resolution - In LDAP there are several ways to define relationship beetween user and role. We made a distinction beetween the retrieving entries and resolving their relationship. It's up to you to decide which strategy will best fit your needs!
  • Provisioning - For simple directory tree shapes we support user/role creation and membership assignation with portal management tools.

On the QA side it is nightly tested with opensource directory servers such as Red Hat Directory Server, OpenLDAP and OpenDS.

Check our Reference Guide (nightly build version).

More in this subject to come soon!

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JuJuZ said...

thanks a lot for your post. I have a question about roles. Is it possible to map Admin Group from LDAP (Active Directory) and Admin Role on the Portal.